Air Asia Ad


A recent newspaper advertisement by Air Asia. This airlines gives bookings to fly from Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar.   This Travel ad was published in the Hindi milap, hindi newspaper dated 14-12-17 in Hyderabad publication. Despite being many commercial ads published on the same date, This Advertisement Book fly now till 17th Dec 2017  by air So you can find any of the previous advertisements in the ‘Book for advertisements’ column of the Hindi milap news website. The ad category was Tours &Travels as seen in the newspaper.

There are many other categories in the Hindi milap advertisement column to publish your ads. Other categories include property for rent, education, electronic, entertainment, matrimonial, recruitment, business, services, vehicles, public tenders, public notices and announcements, name change, personal announcements, retail shopping, travel, remembrance, astrology, computers, marriage bureau etc. Your advertisements also have types in publishing. Namely, classified text ads, display ads and classified display ads which can be chosen, depending upon your requirement of publicity, outreach and visibility.

Many of the well-known vehicle manufacturing companies have advertised and have been advertising in the Hindi milap newspaper in various formats of front pages, half page, back page, column page according the size and credibility of the business.


The Hindi milap hindi newspaper has very good readership and wide publications across India, which is a major advantage to advertisers.

So if you are looking to advertise in Hindi milap then check out the ad rates, categories and its publications to enjoy the exclusive benefits of advertising with a renowned newspaper in India. Your reach and credibility increases when you advertise with a reputable newspaper publication. Book your advertisements online in the Hindi Milap newspaper by few easy steps.


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